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Sachs Family Law exclusively practices in the area of family law or domestic relations.  Family Law or domestic relations is the legal term for cases where your family composition is changing: through marriage or divorce, changing of custody or parenting time arrangements, when you have a new baby, or where you need to change the Orders controlling financial support – child support or alimony. Whatever your family law needs, Sachs Family Law, P.C. is here to help you navigate through these life changes.  Give us a call. We represent people in Gwinnett County, Jackson County, Banks County, Barrow County, Habersham County, Stephens County, Rabun County, and other surrounding counties.  Whatever your needs are, let’s find the best solution together.

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Whatever your needs, legitimation, paternity, divorce, modification, contempt, enforcement, adoption, name change, gender affirming name change, premarriage planning; NOW IS THE TIME. 

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Whatever your needs are, let’s find the best solution together. 

If you are trying to decide whether you want to file for divorce, or any other case, you should do two things. First, you should find a therapist that you like and trust. Going through a divorce is very difficult on all levels, and it is important to have emotional support as you contemplate divorce. Second, find a family law or divorce lawyer that will approach your case they way that you want. You and your divorce lawyer should be a unified team that works together to achieve your goals in your divorce. You need to find someone that is going to be as aggressive with your divorce as you want them to be.  Find out if your attorney will make decisions on your behalf without seeking approval from you before – hand, or if strategy decisions are made between you and the attorney before communications are had with Opposing Counsel.  You need to find someone that you trust, as many things in the divorce process are judgment calls, and you will have to rely on your attorney’s experience and knowledge in making these decisions.

When Should I Meet With An Attorney?

In my opinion, it is extremely important to find a divorce attorney that you can ask questions of as you go through the process.  Some people find it helpful to talk to an attorney before they decide whether they want to ask their spouse for a divorce.  As a recent potential client said to me, “I needed to find out whether it was worth it to get a divorce.”  Deciding to get divorced is a huge decision, and frequently causes people a lot of anxiety along with the heartache of deciding to file for divorce.  After most initial consultations, potential clients tell me how relieved they are to have answers to their questions, and how calming my approach to their situation is.

Once you have decided to pursue a divorce, please consult with an attorney before you discuss any major terms of your final agreement with your spouse.  There are a lot of different options and solutions.  Chances are, I have had your situation come up before, and I may think of a solution you had not.  As you talk about the major decisions in your case with your spouse, talk to your attorney.  I can recommend solutions that will meet your goals, and your spouse’s goals, to hopefully prevent your action from becoming contested.

In a Modification case, most of the time the legal standard is that there has to be something significant that has happened that effects the minor child or children, so that the judge believes that making your requested change is the best thing for the child.  The legal terms for this is a material change in circumstances that justifies a modification that is in the best interest of the minor child. I am happy to talk to you about what has happened, and whether a judge would think that making a change is best for your child or children.

How Do I Pick The Best Attorney For Me?

First and foremost, pick an attorney that has experience with the type of case you have.  What makes your case unique?  Has the attorney dealt with that situation before.  How long has the attorney been an attorney?  There are some excellent attorneys who have not been in practice for very long, but normally the longer the attorney has practiced in the area you need the more experience they have.  You do not want someone who has never filed a Child Custody Modification to represent you in your Modification case.

Do you want your case to go to Court or do you want to settle your case out of Court?  There are no guarantees that a family law case will settle, and sometimes going to Court is the only way to resolve your case.  Find out if the lawyer you are considering normally resolves cases by settlement or by trial, and decide if that is the right resolution for you and your situation.

Before you select an attorney, think about how aggressive of a lawyer do you want, about how involved you want to be in your representation, and what demeanor or personality you want your attorney to have.  Do you relate best to someone who is calming, or blunt and forthright, or passionate? Do you relate best to someone that is going to joke with you and uses humor when discussing difficult situations?  Is it important to you that your lawyer does not use curse words (or does use them)?  Do you prefer to communicate in writing or on the phone?

Bring a list of questions to your first consultation with the family law attorney, make sure they all get answered.  By the end of the consultation, you should know whether they are the right attorney for you.


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Strong attorney who listens. Dodie Sachs has represented me in two separate actions that both resulted in favorable outcomes. One required some extra effort on her part, and she was calm, but firm during a very trying time for me personally. She behaved in a professional way and secured a result that was positive and manageable for all of us.

-Posted By Susan

When You Need to Change Your Court Orders

When you enter into a final agreement or receive a Final Judgment and Decree of Divorce, some things can be changed or modified in that final agreement, but some things can not be changed. It is very important that you get the final documents right, the first time. In order to get the final documents right, you need to talk to your attorney about all the facts in your case, and provide a full financial disclosure to the attorney. The advice that your attorney will give you, is only as good as the information you give them.

If your initial action has already concluded, some things from the final documents can be changed. If you need to make a change to your alimony award, the child custody decision, parenting time for your children, the amount of child support in your final paperwork, these things can be changed – give us a call. These things can all be changed, but they must be changed by a Judge either after the parties agree or or by a Court Order. Parenting time between the parents can also be changed, but a Court Order is not required in every situation. If your co-parent is not following the Court Order, or your ex-spouse is not paying the alimony, or other financial obligation from your Court Order, we can file a contempt to enforce the final decree. In this situation, you can also ask the Court for an order to reimburse your attorney fees.

What Do I Do When My Former Spouse or the Children’s Other Parent Won’t Follow the Court Orders?

The short answer is you file a Motion for Contempt.  The Judge will listen to you explain how the other side isn’t following the Order, and will enforce the Order.  The Judge can Order anything that will fix the problem: a repayment plan, make up time for missed parenting time, instruction to the other side that their understanding of the Order is incorrect, parenting classes, and even incarceration in some circumstances.  In some circumstances, the Judge can Order the other side to pay your attorney’s fees.

Deciding it is time to file, is a harder decision.  Make sure that you have proper documentation of the issues.  Have you discussed the issue with the other side in writing?  When your ex-spouse violates your court order, email them.  Give them a short description of what the issue is, what the Court Order says about the situation, and what you think the proper solution is.  Try not to be argumentative.  Ask them how they think the problem should be solved.  Remember that this communication will likely be shown to the Judge if you and your ex- can’t reach a decision together, so at all times be polite and kind.  If you have discussed the issue with your ex and the issue hasn’t resolved, it could be time to file a Motion for Contempt.  A single violation is not always enough to justify court action, but don’t let things continue for a long time without seeking help.  Sometimes, simply a letter from an attorney will fix the problem you are having.  Give me a call, or schedule a consult so we can discuss your situation.

Still Trying To Decide?

As a Suwanee divorce attorney, my primary goal is to ensure the best outcome for my clients. I provide practical advice and strive to save them money whenever possible. I tailor my approach to each client’s unique needs and only take an aggressive stance when it serves their interests. While I aim to settle cases amicably, I never compromise on what’s best for my clients, including their legal, financial, and emotional well-being. With extensive litigation experience and respect from peers and judges alike, I’m committed to advocating for my clients’ best interests. If you’re unsure about hiring an attorney in Gwinnett County, I invite you to meet with me in person or via video conference to discuss your case.

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