Name Changes in Suwanee

We will help with your name change, so your name matches you.

Applying For A Name Change

We also help people change their names, the names of their children, or even the last name of the entire family. For whatever reason, sometimes the name that is on your birth certificate is no longer the name you wish to have as your legal name. There is a straightforward process to change your name, and the name of your child or children.

If your birth name no longer fits who you want to be, the process of changing your name is fairly straightforward. You have to file a Petition stating your original name and what you want to change it to, you have to publish a notice in the newspaper, and you may or may not have to have a hearing with your Judge to have the name change granted.  While this process is straightforward, filing legal paperwork, going through all the required steps, and appearing in Court, can be difficult and time consuming.  I’m happy to help you through the process, however you need.

Name Changes With Divorce Suwanee

Some examples of name changes we have accomplished are:

  • Changing someone’s legal name to the nickname they used their entire life.
  • Gender Affirming name changes.
  • Family Name Change: an entire family decided to change their last name from something that was difficult for people to pronounce and spell to something that was shorter.  We changed the name for both adults, and the children.
  • Minor Children Name Changes: I represented a family where the name they selected for their child was beautiful and meaningful in their native country, but when they moved to the USA, the name sounded too much like words in English that had a negative connotation.  The parents decided to change the name of their child to a different beautiful name.

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