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Helping you when the other party won’t adhere to what was ordered by the Court.

What Is Contempt?

Simply put, when you have a court order, and either person isn’t doing what the court order says, they can be found in Contempt. In order to be found in contempt, the Court has to find that the person could have done what the court order says, they just chose not to. This can be when someone does not pay child support, when they don’t list the house for sale, or when they don’t provide you with the information the court order says they have to.

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What Can The Court Do About It?

At Court, the Judge can do anything to fix the violation of the court order, as long as they don’t modify the court order. Common remedies are ordering repayment plans, make up time for lost parenting time, or giving someone a deadline to do what they are supposed to do and setting a new hearing to make sure they have accomplished it.

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Attorneys Fees

When the Judge decides that the other person could have complied with the court order, they just refused to do so, they can grant you an award of attorney fees. Awards of attorney fees are common in contempt cases, but never guaranteed. After all, if they had done what they were supposed to, you wouldn’t have had to pay any attorney fees. Judges realize this. When they other side really could have complied, and there is a statute authorizing it, they frequently give you some of the money back that you paid toward attorneys fees.

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