We strive to provide high quality, low cost representation to our clients. Learn how to help us help you keep your costs as low as possible.

Litigation Can Be Expensive

In any case, if you and the other side can agree on the resolution of the case, then attorney fees can be much lower than if the case is contested. Finding a compromise with the other side that you both can live with will keep your fees low and will reduce the emotional strain of divorce litigation. When you and the other side can’t compromise on your case – whether contempt, modification, divorce, or something else – the costs to finish your case will be more expensive. I can’t predict the total amount of attorney fees in your case. Much of the total costs in a case are caused by the other side’s behavior. You know how much the other side is going to fight you on this case – that is your best measure of how much it will cost.

How Do You Keep Your Costs Low?

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Stay In Contact

Stay in contact with your attorney and their staff throughout your case. When your attorney has to contact you repeatedly to get a response from you, your costs will increase. This also causes delay in your case, and your case taking longer, which will cost you more than a case with a speedy resolution.

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Be Your Own Paralegal

Family law cases, like divorces, modification, and contempts, require a lot of paperwork to be successful. Being organized when you provide documentation to your attorney, will keep your costs down. Save your documents with file names that make sense (we can provide guidelines for this). Provide your documents in digital format. Provide all your documents and responses quickly and on time.

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Keep The Costs In Mind

As you contact your attorney, or their staff, keep the costs of communication in mind. It is often faster (and cheaper) to email your attorney all your questions at one time, than to call them four times in one week. Your attorney is happy to discuss your case with you, but some questions and concerns are better directed to a therapist or mental health professional than an attorney – and their hourly rates are lower as well.

How does Sachs Family Law keep your costs low?

We strive to provide high quality, low cost representation to our clients.  We maintain a focus on cost effective representation throughout your case.  We provide resources and information to our clients in our client portal that you can access through the Internet or through an App on your phone.  . Document production in the discovery process and preparing for mediations, temporary hearings, and final hearings are the most expensive parts of your legal representation. By organizing and naming documents correctly before you provide them to the firm, you help keep your costs low. We provide opportunities to our clients for our clients to participate in document production, and other cost heavy projects, to keep your costs down.

What do I do if I can’t afford representation?

If you can’t afford legal representation, please call the Legal Services organizations that serve your county.  Atlanta Legal Aid, Inc. provides representation to low income people throughout the 7 metro Atlanta counties.  In the rest of the State, contact the Georgia Legal Services Program.  Both programs provide high quality representation to people that qualify.  There are other organizations that provide Pro Bono representation as well.

Sachs Family Law has two options for people who can’t afford complete representation.  One option is our Unbundled Representation Service. Unbundled Representation is where you represent yourself, but Sachs Family Law provides assistance in your matter.  For example, we can help you prepare for trial, or review documents before you file them with the Court.  You would pay only for the time that we work on your file or meet with you.  We also represent a limited number of clients on a low bono basis, or for a reduced hourly rate, if you qualify for our program.

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